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The year is 1571. The Ottoman Empire sprawls across southeastern Europe, encompassing the small country of Carpathia. Torn by invasions from the East, huddled in defense against a hostile world, Carpathia has seen its share of evil.

Into this somber country come a handful of travelers: adventurers, crusaders, fortune-seekers. Some follow rumors of wealth and intrigue. Some follow the word of their God, who has told them to bring light to this benighted land. Others follow evil and seek to eradicate it wherever it is found.

This is a troubled country. Tiny villages, nestled against the cold blackness of the mountain Torchal, live in fear of the night. There is a great evil in the mountain, nameless and ancient, and its disciples descend from the mist-shrouded heights to terrorize the innocent and corrupt the vulnerable.

Only a few dare stand in the path of nameless evil. Will you be counted among them?

The Face in the Mountain is a dark fantasy adventure for Savage Worlds. It is intended for a run of approximately six episodes.

Tone: Dark action-adventure with horror elements.

Influences: Bram Stoker’s Dracula (Coppola film), Solomon Kane (film), the stories of Robert E. Howard, Brotherhood of the Wolf (film), Kronos the Vampire Hunter (film), collected Hammer films about vampires and mouldering castles

System: Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorer’s Edition.

Beginning Power Level: Novice.

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